Intuitive Thai Bodywork

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What is Intuitive Thai Bodywork?

Acupressure - Myofascial release Stretching - Joint mobilization Massage - Energetic alignment  

...Thai bodyworkers adopted influences from their neighbors in China and India in congruence with their own approach to yoga postures.  Contrary to most western styles of massage Thai bodywork is performed on padding or a mattress on the ground and also done fully clothed, void of oils and lotions.



 Emotionally Attuned

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What does a customized session look like? 

>90 minute sequence of bodywork and chakra integration with an emphasis on the areas that need more attention than others.  

>5-10 minutes to rest, meditate or ask questions regarding your experience and how you can move forward to maintain the balance that this work provides.

> Sessions can be accommodated to the privacy of your home or a treatment room in Prospect Heights!

Sound like everything your body/mind/soul ever needed? Yeah, mine too.


 90 Minute Sessions: $125

Contact me for IN HOME visits

OR catch me on Thursdays at Juniper Yoga & Healing Arts (Prospect Heights)

Once the session is confirmed I will send an invoice regarding payment and cancellation policy.

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