Hi, I'm Lauren Slivosky.


In short, 

I’m a mover, artist, healer, listener, cat lover, spiritual explorer, student of the universe, and teacher. 


....But in long  

I grew up dancing and by high school I had decided I would like to pursue dance as my profession (with hopes of graduating and signing a gig with a cruise ship).  With a bit of convincing by my folks, I took the college route instead and studied modern dance, composition and pedagogy in the foothills of Appalachia at Ohio University.  I had already been practicing vinyasa yoga when I went to college and I always arrived back to that practice when my studies and pursuits in dance intensified.

I moved to New York in 2014 to pursue a career in modern dance, but also knew that I wanted to share what I’d been experiencing in my yoga practice, so through the recommendation of a friend I joined Sonic Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training. At the time, I thought teaching yoga asana classes would be a simple compliment to my future as a dancer, instead, it's been the driving force in my own passion and curiosity regarding consciousness, existence, purpose, spirituality, and basically what it is to be a human. Over the past few years of continued practice, study, and pursuit, sharing yoga and meditation has evolved into my full-time work, but teaching, performing, and creating dance still deeply feeds my soul!

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So cut to right now...

I'm in Brooklyn teaching the things that inspire me through the means of Vinyasa Yoga classes, exploratory dance classes, and offering Thai Bodywork to a wide range of humans.

My classes are all ever-evolving and my students, teachers, experiences, dreams, fears, and ability to open my eyes have all been pivotal in my continued growth as a teacher and healer.



Ultimately, we can all walk a path purposed around love and I hope to offer that opportunity in all of my work no matter where it takes me.

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