Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

Tap into the instinctual knowledge within your own body and uncover that which is already known;  

You have purpose. You are resilient. You can heal.



Park Slope Yoga Center  837 Union Street

Monday: 11am Basic Vinyasa & 1pm Strong Vinyasa

Tuesday: 7am Strong Vinyasa

Saturday: 145pm Strong Vinyasa & 330pm Basic Vinyasa

Align Brooklyn 579 5th Avenue

Wednesday: 930am Yoga Ground

Juniper 639 Vanderbilt  Avenue

Monday: 530pm Bloom (level 2)

Tuesday: 845am Juniper Flow (level 2-3)

Wednesday: 530pm Bloom (level 2)

Thursday: 845am Juniper Flow (level 2-3)

Purpose, Resilience & Healing.....

We access these truths when we turn down the chatter of our minds and listen more closely to what the body is telling us.  I present a fluid sequence of yoga asanas (poses) with anatomical cueing that can set your body up in its own unique expression of each pose.  You are always invited to move at the pace of your breath so there is a true communion of life and motion from one moment to the next.  The fluid sequences are countered by stillness to neutralize, listen, receive, and process ANYTHING during a class. It's not just the poses, but the intention surrounding them, the breath that fills them, and the appreciation you bring to them which create small shifts allowing you to step into every moment of your life from the deeply rooted love that is your spirit.


60 Minutes: $100

75 Minutes: $125

*These sessions are tailored towards what you need on a day to day basis.  I enjoy sharing therapeutic, athletic, experimental, and structured asana practices with my students.  Breathwork, meditation and some Thai massage may also be of benefit within any given session!  

Personally, I feel working with a private teacher is quite a personal experience so if you are interested please Contact Me and I would love to talk further about your interests and goals in this  journey!