A session with Lauren is perhaps the sweetest gift you could give yourself. Her touch is strong and also tender and she uses her vast knowledge of the body, paired with intuition, to tap into the parts of the body that have endured trauma, pain, neglect, or overuse.
Lauren is so steady and nurturing, that being in her presence is immediately comforting. I felt extremely at ease, in my body and breath, while working with Lauren. If you are feeling achy, tired, overworked, or just need a break - go see Lauren and have her work magic on you.
— Alex; Brooklyn, NY
“...like floating and flowing through water, the oiling that my creaky body needed. Water is my balancing element and Lauren is pure water. It’s not even just her voice, its her sequencing as well- every aspect of the class flowed seamlessly into the next. And the savasana massage at the end was next level.
— Hats Cheny, NY, NY
I’ve been attending Lauren’s yoga classes for some time and love the way she approaches the mind, body and their special connection. My first thai bodywork session with her was like experiencing the openness and connection to my body from class while delighting in the complete relaxation and safety of receiving the tender therapeutic touch of massage. Her graceful choreography of stretching, joint mobilization and deep compression opened up my muscles and joints in a way that cleared a great deal of pain and tension from my body almost immediately. She checked in with me throughout the session when she sensed my body may have needed adjusting or a different sequence of movement for my particular flexibility. The space Lauren created was nurturing and professional and provided a path of cooperative healing between the two of us. I came in feeling heavy and couldn’t calm my mind, then left feeling light and airy with peaceful inspiration and clarity to my thoughts. I highly recommend working with Lauren for both Thai bodywork and yoga! The combination of the two made me feel like she truly understood how my body moves and rests in space and was able to meet me where I needed healing.
— Kaiya; Brooklyn, NY
As a practitioner who works on an energetic level and receives regular bodywork, I am quite discerning about whom I go to for massage. Lauren offers a very sophisticated level of care in her practice. She is intuitive, strong, and present. She addresses all of my areas of concern with great care and I always leave feeling markedly better after working with her. She blends the subtle with the physical in a beautiful, seamless process.
— Heidi; NY, NY
I’ve always had a habit of being very dismissive and irritated by my body’s limitations, but Lauren encouraged me to accept them and that’s when my practice really began...just by bending my knees in a forward fold and embracing that instead of thinking of it as an obstical to overcome. Also her openness to stay after class and chat about yoga and anything else. She’s just so encouraging and kind and even when her classes are challenging, they’re always still gentle and thoughtful which is what I like most about them.
— Sylvie; Brooklyn, NY
At first I was going for the killer, full-body workout. I still love that. But then I realized it was something deeper too, where I was walking out more “conscious,” more grateful, less annoyed at things. Subtle experiences in class were helping me in everyday life. I’ve never met an instructor so attuned to students, or so excited to share expertise.
— Eric; Brooklyn, NY